Nissan Cabstar Owners reviews.

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Detailed Reviews of Car owners Nissan Cabstar with photos, shortcomings and all cons!

& laquo; Nissan-Cabestar & raquo; & # 8211; This is a low-tonnant commercial car, serially produced since 2007. & laquo; Cabestar & raquo; It is one of the few foreign trucks that are officially supplied to Russia. The machine is also actively used in Western Europe under the name & laquo; Reno Maxi & Raquo;. Despite different names, this is the same car, only for different markets.

What is & laquo; Nissan-Cabestar & raquo;? Photo, specifications, reviews of owners and other useful information – further in our article.


Perhaps & laquo; Cabestar & raquo; & # 8211; The brightest and beautiful truck in its class, according to road transporters. Among Gray & Laquo; Gazelle & Raquo;, & laquo; fav & raquo; and & laquo; photons & raquo; It immediately stands out for its extraordinary & quot; smiling & quot; appearance.

First of all, the look clings a powerful lighting, which stretches throughout the body from the bumper to almost the windshield. In the headlights are integrated turn signals. But there is no fogress here (although the manufacturer left plastic plugs).

Unusually watched the chopped cabins themselves. According to the owners, due to their angularity and quadacity, the car looks modern until now.

The same design and U & laquo; Renault Maxi & Raquo;, with the exception of the emblem on the radiator grille. A similar tendency was observed with the French and C & Laquo; Citroen Jumper & Raquo; which had the same design as & laquo; Fiat-Ducato & Raquo; and & laquo; Peugele boxer & raquo;.

French or Japanese?

At first glance, & laquo; Reno Maxi & Raquo; and & laquo; Nissan-Cabestar & raquo; Must be produced in France and in Japan, respectively. But it is not. Both cars are produced at a single factory in Spain (& laquo; Nissan Motors Iberika & raquo;).

In technical terms, these machines are fully identical. Such unification allowed expanding the popularity of small commercial vehicles.


Immediately note the larger area of ​​glazing. Owners Compare Salon & Laquo; Cabestor & raquo; with aquarium. But this is not a minus. After all, a large area of ​​glazing is a plus to visibility.

The driver sees all the dead zones, which is particularly relevant in the densely populated cities with active traffic.

Also, at the expense of the angularity, the cabin is pretty spacious – reviews. We turn to the workplace of the driver. It is simply decorated, but taking into account ergonomics. The instrument panel has all the necessary information, including on-board computer, taking into account fuel consumption and other data.

Steering wheel – double, with a comfortable grip. However, the owners reviews are noted by a small range of adjustments. Although the column is configured both in height and by departure.

Between the driver’s and passenger seat (by the way, it is dwined) the gear lever is located. It is located at a convenient distance from hand. Even without having experience in commercial transport, to the Half & Laquo; Nissan & Raquo; Quickly get used to, reviews.

In the top of the windshield, we can see the salon mirror. A rather strange solution on the truck, especially with the body & laquo; van & raquo;. However, on the onboard models you can view the back. The wall has two windows. By the way, the left passenger has no head restraint.

This is done for better review through the mirror, which also celebrates the reviews of motorists from the positive side.

On the central console there are all the necessary elements – the tachograph, the stove control unit and other buttons. A magnetola can be installed in the location of the plugs. There are four roomy niches in the cabin.

Moreover, one of them performs the visor function for the instrument panel. The documentation of the A4 format is easily placed here, which is quite convenient, according to the owners of the car.

How behaves on the move & laquo; Nissan-Cabestar & raquo;?

Owners say that the car is controlled as a passenger car.

Seat moderate hard, have several adjustments. However, there are disadvantages of the Salon of the truck & laquo; Nissan-Cabestar & raquo;. Reviews mark low quality noise insulation.

At idle clearly heard the rokot of diesel. Still, there is from & laquo; Cabestar & raquo; Truck echoes, despite the short wheel base and affiliation to category B.

Specifications. a plus


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