Mitsubishi Lancer 2004 – owner review.

Not a big, truthful review after a year of operation. — Pros: * Comfortable, energy-intensive, independent suspension * Not a bad appearance, as well as a pleasant interior (relatively) * High-quality interior assembly and soft plastic * Not expensive car price * Excellent headlights, both near and far * An excellent stove, in the winter it’s hot in the car * Very good visibility and a sense of the dimensions of the car * Informative steering wheel * The variator works more comfortably than any traditional automatic machine, and there is also a “fun mode” Ds when the speed is kept at the top — And now about the drawbacks;) * God, what a vegetable chaise this is. (4G15 engine) If you are a fan of piling at least 110 on the highway, then never buy this car for yourself! Riding a long climb on a Lancer is a real “pleasure” at 100 km / h, it feels like the engine is spinning 9000 rpm xD So it would be okay to justify this weakness of the engine with low fuel consumption, but no, it eats “like a wagon loaded”. In winter, 11-12 liters is the only way.

In general, I’m damn dissatisfied with the engine – a wooden, ancient unit, without valve timing with one camshaft, the embodiment of the simplest internal combustion engine. By the way, you also need to remember to change the timing belt, if it breaks, the valve bends. * There is no tachometer in a homeless person (like me) and there is not even a chandelier for the driver and front passenger, this is the collapse of the Lord! * As for the seats, you will not find or feel any lateral support there. * And how this chaise roll in turns is a nightmare. On a truck with a high booth andeli


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